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Being Grown-up
Can Still Be Fun


Imagine delicious, moist cake with a smooth core of flavorful filling, covered in a rich ganache.

Now imagine that combination of flavors and textures elegantly presented in a way that each of your guests can choose from a variety of flavors and designs.


That is what CakeDrops can bring to your event.

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We do one thing



The world is full of bakeries, we're not one of them. We are artisans, offering hand crafted goods that just so happen to be baked.

You can go lots of places for dessert, and most of them offer dozens of choices. The problem is,  once they are on the table,  they all kind of end up looking the same: 

• Giant tiered cakes covered in icing

• Cupcakes that promise to act grown-up

• Cookies and candies that are more snack than dessert

CakeDrops hits the sweet spot you have been looking for: delicious, satisfying, and beautiful.  

They're elegant without being stuffy, fun without being juvenile and the perfect ending to your perfect event.

If you want a dessert like that . . .you have come to the right place.

Chocolate Mix

Every detail matters


Your event is important to you, so it's important to us. 

You've thought of so many things,

now trust us with your guests' desserts.

We source our premium ingredients from the finest vendors.

We put them together our way - just right - every time.

We do this so YOUR guests can be amazed

by one more thing at your event,

the last thing - the sweet thing.


Do you need to go even further? If there's time, we can talk about special flavors, special colors and more.  

Simply send us a message with our

"Let's talk about cake" form below to start the process.

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