Have a question? You're not the only one! Here are a few we get regulary. If we still haven't answered yours, feel free to contact us.

Event Planning

How many CakeDrops should I order for my event?

CakeDrops are pretty filling. Just one is a full dessert serving. But they are beautiful, and delicious, so some of your guests may (will) come back for seconds, or thirds. Our general recommendation is 1.5 to 2 CakeDrops per guest. Clearly, it depends on the circumstances. Longer events, evening events, or events without a meal you may want more. Afternoon events, events for light eaters or events with a variety of desserts, you may be fine with 1.5 per guest.  The truth is, you will NOT mind having leftovers!

How many flavors should I choose?

Variety is a wonderful thing! Having a few flavors to choose from means all your guests will be able choose one they really like.  But if you have too many choices, you are more likely to run out of a flavor very early. Your guests will be raving about one flavor or another and when they do, it’s nice to still have some left for others to try. Four flavors is by far the most common choice. Larger gatherings, with hundreds of pieces, can handle six or more flavors. Ultimately, it is up to you.

Is there an additional charge for more flavors?

No!  CakeDrops are priced by the piece.  The number of flavors you choose does not affect the price.

How do I choose which flavors to order?

Well, you won’t regret any of them – so we hope that helps. Here are some things to consider that may help:

  • Think about the presentation. Many of our clients try to order an equal number of chocolate-coated and white-coated CakeDrops to balance out the display table. All white and all chocolate looks nice too. But if you have five white and one chocolate, it may not be the look you want.
  • Consider the season. We offer seasonal flavors for summer, fall and the holidays.  Offering one or more of them will help celebrate that time of year.
  • Opposites attract. We all have our favorites. It is your event so, for sure, order your favorite! Then consider something that feels opposite to your flavor for the next one. Did you get something fruity? Consider a coffee flavor, or a nut flavor, to go with it. Is your favorite Triple Chocolate? Maybe order some Pure White. Mix it up, because with CakeDrops you can!
  • Remember your guests. It sounds simple, but keep your guests in mind. Is there a “VIP” of your event? Make sure their favorite is there. Does the bride hate Carrot Cake? Don’t order any! Try to pick what is going to be a hit. But keep in mind, if these are your friends or family, your taste is probably similar to many of your guests, and again, there are no bad choices!

Packaging & Transport

How big are CakeDrops?

CakeDrops are round domes.  The bottom is about 2 inches wide and they are about 2.25 inches tall.  There is some variety among flavors, but generally each CakeDrop weighs about 2.5 oz. CakeDrops are packaged on round plastic plates that are 2.75 inches wide.

How are CakeDrops packaged?

Typically, CakeDrops are packaged in boxes of 12.  Each box is approximately the size of a full sheet of paper and about 3 inches tall.  Inside the box, each CakeDrop is packaged on a round plastic plate that is 2.75 inches wide.

How many boxes will fit in a cooler?

Each box is approximately the size of a full sheet of paper and about 3 inches tall.  Many large coolers (52 qt or more) can hold 8 dozen boxes.

Should I put ice in my cooler for transport?

We recommend using ice packs instead office or bags of ice. The boxes are not waterproof and melting ice can create problems

Where can I pick up CakeDrops when they are ready?

The Grand Rapids Downtown Market is located at435 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids,MI 49503.We do not have a retail space in the market but pick up can be arranged in the loading zone on the South side of theDowntown Market–offLogan Street.

Food Safety

Do CakeDrops have to be refrigerated?

They don’t HAVE to, but you may want to.  As with anything coated in chocolate, CakeDrops can get messy if they get too warm.  So we find that the experience is usually more pleasant if you can keep them refrigerated until it is time for them to be served. At typical room temperature, they should be fine all night long. If temperature or humidity starts to increase, however, (like at the outdoor 4th of July party) your guests may be doing more finger-licking or looking for forks.  Like a handful of chocolate chips, they will still be delicious even if the coating gets soft.

Are the ingredients safe without refrigeration?

Yes.  We design all of our recipes to not require refrigeration for food safety.  It is a food’s pH and water activity that determine whether it requires time or temperature control to keep it from spoiling. In other words, science makes magic! But to help you be sure, let’s go through some ingredients you may wonder about:

Cream Cheese Filling

By itself, cream cheese is not shelf stable. However, adding sufficient powdered sugar (which is hygroscopic or moisture absorbing) to cream cheese will control the "water activity" so that the combined product becomes shelf stable.

Pumpkin Filling

Yes, our Pumpkin Spice CakeDrops contain real pumpkin.  And yes, everyone knows you can’t leave a pumpkin pie out for very long. But our filling is NOT your Momma’s pumpkin pie! Without artificial preservatives, we have dialed in our recipe to taste delicious and still be safe for you and your guests. Like we explained with the cream cheese filling, the sugar ratio is why it works.

Are CakeDrops nut free?

No. Most CakeDrops do not have nut ingredients. However, they are made in an environment, and with equipment, that may contain nut residue on a microscopic level.

Are CakeDrops gluten free?

No. CakeDrops designated as "made with no gluten ingredients" are made with flours, and other ingredients, that do not contain gluten. However, because CakeDrops are made in a shared facility, we cannot meet the FDA standard of 0 ppm and therefore do not claim that any of our products are “Gluten Free.”

Which allergens are in CakeDrops?

Almost all of our classic and seasonal CakeDrops contain wheat, eggs, dairy, and soy.  German Chocolate, and the ones with nuts in their name, obviously also contain nuts. However, CakeDrops are made in a shared facility. Accordingly, if you have a food allergy to anything on a microscopic level, we cannot guarantee the total absence of any allergen.